About Gafcon GB & Europe

Why Gafcon?

Gafcon GB & Europe: our identity and mission

We were established as Gafcon UK in 2016 as the successor to ‘Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans’, to continue the work of standing for biblical orthodoxy[1] within the different Anglican jurisdictions and Provinces of Britain and Europe (there is a separate ‘Gafcon Ireland’). We realize that ‘orthodox Anglicans’, those who seek to be faithful to the unchanging word of God coming to us from the Scriptures, the ‘apostolic teaching’ commissioned by Christ himself, need the fellowship of the global body of Christ. We cannot maintain a faithful witness in our national Anglican churches only using the wisdom of our own local tradition, but also need partnership with Anglicans following Christ in different cultures around the world, and inspiration from their courage and insights.
So, we are unashamedly ‘Gafcon’ Anglicans. We look back to the groundbreaking conference in Jerusalem in 2008, when senior Anglican leaders and ‘ordinary’ lay communicants from all over the world met to take counsel after the unilateral actions of the North American Episcopal Churches who opposed the clear teachings of Scripture on the ethics of marriage and family, and threatened to “tear the fabric of the Anglican Communion”. We recognize that conference’s ‘Jerusalem Declaration’ as a clear statement of Christian belief, around which all orthodox Anglicans can unite. We see in Gafcon Global a Holy Spirit led movement for the renewal of the Anglican Communion, and a growing authority, with Gafcon Primates humbly exercising prophetic and pastoral leadership where at times the official structures seem ambivalent or even openly questioning the clear teaching of the bible as handed down in our Anglican liturgies and sacraments.
The Jerusalem Declaration states that it is not enough to hold privately to orthodoxy. It’s sometimes necessary to oppose false teaching in the church, and to hold those leaders who promote it to account (JD, Clause 13). More positively, we are inspired by the vision of a ‘global Anglican future’ based on unity in the faith while celebrating our diversity in cultures and different expressions of churchmanship. In association with Gafcon Global we want to prioritise through our regional branch the preaching of the gospel of Christ to all nations, the making of disciples and establishment of new churches to reach the lost.
So Gafcon GBE is a place of fellowship, mutual learning, and planning for united action for those wanting to identify as biblically orthodox according to the Anglican formularies and the Jerusalem Declaration. We have a wider remit than Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC), as we include orthodox Anglicans from traditions other than evangelicalism (for example, members of Prayer Book Society), and our Council of Reference members are found in Scotland, Wales and continental Europe, not just England. Most of our members are found in the historic national churches in the different nations, but our branch also includes the Free Church of England and the newly-launched Anglican Network in Europe (see below).

More about our branch:

The Anglican Network in Europe, a new Anglican jurisdiction authorized by the Gafcon Primates and under the episcopal leadership of Bishop Andy Lines, was formally launched at an online service on April 19th 2021. This consists of two ‘convocations’, Anglican Mission in England which has just completed restructuring, and Anglican Convocation in Europe (ACE), a new body pioneered by faithful Scottish episcopal churches, English congregations not in AMiE, and fellowships in continental Europe looking for a home. More information can be found on these websites: anglicannetwork.org; aceanglicans.org; anglicanmissioninengland.org
Please pray for Bishop Andy, for the new Standing Committee of ANiE, and for those responsible for the development of ACE and AMiE and continued partnership between them.
Gafcon GBE has no part in the governance of ANiE which is overseen by Gafcon Global, but part of our role is to facilitate fellowship and cooperation between this new network and faithful Anglicans who support and are inspired by the Gafcon movement and vision, while remaining in the Church of England and other Canterbury-aligned structures. These include members of Church of England Evangelical Council and Anglican Essentials Wales.
Please pray for us in this task, especially as we play our part in offering support to faithful Anglicans wrestling with the implications of leadership which is no longer clearly upholding biblical truth.




    Gafcon GBE is recognised as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) number 1187303

    The trustees are:

    • Rt Rev Andy Lines (ex-offico)
    • Mrs Jane Krammer, London
    • Mr Martin Mills, London
    • Rev. David McCarthy, Edinburgh
    • Rev Melanie Prince
    • Dr Chik Kaw Tan, Newcastle-under- Lyme

    Council of Reference

    Gafcon GBE has a Council of Reference – who represent the breadth of the Gafcon GBE membership – their role is to advise the trustees and staff.

    Vice Presidents – Rev John McGinley and Mrs Lorna Ashworth

    • Rt Rev Andy Lines
    • Rev Nigel Atkinson, Knutsford
    • Mr Miller Bogie, Edinburgh
    • Rev Amatu Christian-Iwuagwu, London
    • Rev Jim Griffiths, Cardiff
    • Mrs Jane Krammer, London
    • Rev John McGinley
    • Rev Melanie Prince, Rhoose
    • Rev Mike Reith, London
    • Rev Anthony Roberts, Oswaldtwistle
    • Mrs Natalie Stenström
    • Dr Chik Kaw Tan, Newcastle-under-Lyme
    • Rev Rico Tice, London
    • Rev Ian Ferguson, Aberdeen