Book Reviews

Powerful leaders

Powerful leaders? by Marcus Honeysett exposes and explores how people in positions of authority in the church can be tempted away from a biblical model.

Biblical Critical Theory presents a bold vision for Christians who want to engage the world in a way that is biblically faithful and culturally sensitive.
There’s a prophetic edge to this book that speaks to our times. The battle may seem to be tilting against the church, but still God reigns supreme.
God’s Word gives a better account of what is going on in the world’s obsession with identity than the world can give of itself. At the heart of the secular narrative is a desire to control one’s destiny.
Christian views aren’t seen as merely false but dangerous – our opinions no longer worth considering but rather in need of silencing.
This book considers two questions of utmost importance and relevance: “How can churches stay healthy and dynamic over the long term?” “What’s needed to avoid or reverse church stagnation and decline?”
This is a book for our times when the church is confronted by the pressures of a secular society as it examines its affirmation of the truths of the Bible.