Andy Lines, Chairman of Gafcon UK, consecrated Missionary Bishop


Reports and commentary on the June 30th event in which a number of Primates of the Anglican Communion participated in the consecration of Bishop Andy Lines as a missionary from ACNA to faithful Anglicans in Britain and Europe who are no longer in fellowship with official structures and are establishing new congregations.

The consecration of a Missionary Bishop for Europe, report on the event in Wheaton, Illinois from Andrew Gross of GAFCON.


The Gafcon Missionary Bishop for Scotland and Europe. Canon Phil Ashey of the American  Anglican Council reflects on what this means and why it is necessary.


ACNA Consecration of Andy Lines: Personal Reflections by James Oakley, Church of England clergyman and blogger


Two Church of England bishops welcome controversial ‘missionary bishop’ , report by Harry Farley, Christian Today


Scottish Anglican Network Welcomes Consecration Of Missionary Bishop For Europe - statement from Scottish Episcopalians who have found themselves out of communion with their own church following the vote in favour of same sex marriage.


Gafcon events in England and USA The events at the Assembly of the Anglican Church in North America coincided with two Gafcon meetings in England, addressed by Archbishop Peter Jensen and others. Report by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream.


Archbishop Kwashi on Lines Consecration – video


Gafcon Chairman’s letter, in which he praises the consecration of Andy Lines, and says: “The need for Gafcon to safeguard the integrity and clarity of global Anglican mission is as urgent as it has ever been.”


Gafcon Bishop loses his permission to officiate, Church of England Newspaper Reports on the Diocese of Southwark’s response to Andy Lines’ consecration