Good recent books on Anglicanism

REFORMATION ANGLICAN WORSHIP: Experiencing Grace, Expressing Gratitude

by Michael P. Jensen

Crossway, 190pages
Reviewed by David Virtue, VirtueOnline:

[…] The author boldly states that his conviction is that the theological commitments of Cranmer and the other English Reformers had, and still have, seminal significance for Anglicans and that theology of this period has often been disregarded in a more cavalier fashion. The spirit of the Reformers, and indeed to orthodox Christian faith is that nothing be "repugnant to the Word of God."
That was crucial for Cranmer as a liturgist. He was a genuinely theological liturgist, who sought to enshrine a particular gospel by means of his revision of English worship.



by J.I. Packer

Crossway, 384 pages
Reviewed by Mark Brains, Anglican Compass:

[…] The Heritage of Anglican Theology presents, in essence, the course of lectures on Anglican history and theology that Packer gave year-in and year-out during his time at Regent College. Working from transcripts of his lectures, working-in additional material, going through several processes of editing and revision, Packer delivers less of a “cutting-edge work of theological exploration or a comprehensive history” as Donald Lewis explains in the foreword... If you are looking for an introduction to the history of Anglican Theology that is both substantive and readable, and which guides the reader carefully into the present state of things, this is it.