How can my parish affiliate to Gafcon?


Many church leaders, parishes and individual Anglicans in Britain now increasingly identify with the values and global vision of Gafcon, rather than the all too familiar trend to follow “another Gospel”: theology and practice that is seen to be more in keeping with our rapidly secularizing culture. Here is a suggested PCC resolution for those who want to publicly affiliate to this global fellowship committed to preserving and proclaiming historic, apostolic, biblical Christian faith. In this way we can support the Gafcon movement and be refreshed by the spiritual wisdom and vitality of the worldwide Church.

Parochial Church Council Affiliation to Gafcon: A Model Resolution

That this Parochial Church Council:

  • Rejoices in the fresh clarity and confidence of Anglican witness to Jesus Christ being brought about through the Gafcon movement’s commitment to the authority of the Bible;
  • Subscribes to the Jerusalem Statement and Declaration as a contemporary statement of orthodox Anglican doctrinal identity;
  • Continues to pray that those Anglican Churches which have embraced a different gospel will come to repentance, without which there can be no true reconciliation;
  • Commits to the fellowship of the Gafcon movement through:
  1. Prayer
  2. Participation in Gafcon events regionally
  3. Developing global mission links with like-minded partners
  4. Sharing in responsibility for the financial support of Gafcon so that the noble work of this movement can be sustained and grow.



  1. We also welcome affiliation by District Church Councils.
  2. The Jerusalem Statement and Declaration can be accessed on the Gafcon website here.
  3. Please contact Canon Charles Raven, Gafcon Membership Development Secretary, ( if you would like a representative of Gafcon to meet with the Church Council, and please notify him once a resolution has been passed.
  4.  Gafcon will pass on details of all affiliated PCC’s/DCC’s to Gafcon UK to help with coordination and communication regionally.