Kigali 2023 - Day one ANiE reflections

Opening ceremony, hosts

“Welcome to Rwanda, the country of a thousand hills and a thousand smiles!” ...

"Kigali is an astonishing city. After unimaginable horrors just 29 years ago, the city is now welcoming, clean, and very green. (The torrential downpours help on that front!) Our Rwandan hosts are warm and friendly. A land of a thousand smiles indeed!" ...

"Archbishop Foley Beach, Gafcon Chairman, gave an address in which he challenged us to be a repenting church, a reconciling church, a reproducing church and a relentlessly compassionate church." ....

"Gafcon General Secretary Benjamin Kwashi gave a lively and joyful address. He called on us to be committed to the primacy of Scripture, to remember the power of the gospel, and to be dedicated to the priority of evangelism and mission."

Tim Sandell, Christ Church Central, Shefflield, (Anglican Mission in Europe)

"It was incredibly moving to realise that five of the GAFCON Primates (the mega bishops) are from countries in which Christian’s are being persecuted and risk their lives daily for the Gospel - and yet they are strenuously contending for a faithful Church. They stand together, despite the persecutions they are trying to protect their flock from, to ensure the despair is being guarded against those who are looking to weaken Jesus’ message. They, and their churches, risk their lives every day, yet still stand up to faithfully proclaim the wonderful news that Jesus came and died for us. What an encouragement to contend in our contexts for the true Gospel, and to pray continually for our brothers and sisters as they stand the Gospel, despite their situations...."

Kathryn & Robbie Laidlaw, St Silas Glasgow, (Anglican Convocation in Europe)

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