Kigali 2023 - Day three ANiE reflections

The Anglican Network in Europe Delegation

The Anglican Network in Europe Delegation

"I wasn’t sure on arrival how different parts of the communion would be feeling about this.  Anger?  Disappointment?  Weary resignation?  The overwhelming answer seems to be grief.  They are grieved by what their mother church has done.  There’s a feeling of abandonment.

I’m loving the chance we have this week to learn from different parts of the body of Christ.  A challenge I have appreciated has been the message coming from persecuted parts of the world that God uses persecution to strengthen his church – a conviction we have potentially lost sight of in the West."

Mark Rainbow, Grace Church Newton Hall, Durham (AMiE)

"In ministry I often worry about the obstacles. And today the Lord has impressed upon me very deeply that he is at work in his extraordinary power and goodness in the global Anglican church. 

Along with the 4 other delegates from Glasgow, we met Bishop Vithalis from Tanzania - just informally, over lunch. With both excitement and humility he told us how in his Diocese, the newest in Tanzania, there were 70 churches in 2017.Today, there are 130."

Martin Ayers, St Silas Glasgow (ACE)

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