Kigali 2023 - Day two ANiE reflections

"...We had distanced ourselves in so many ways that it felt fairly isolating but now in AMiE we know we have fellow soldiers and servants again to stand and move forward with in this great work.”

Scott McKay, Christchurch Hull, (AMiE)

“Where do I start? I love ACE because it provides sound biblical oversight by a bishop I trust. I love ACE because it connects us to a global body of likeminded, Spirit-filled, Jesus-loving believers.... ACE has a highly strategic benefit for Anglican mission in Europe. ACE can become genuinely European, for us genuinely German in ways the Church of England never could"

Klaus Hickel, Leipzig English Church, Germany (ACE)

"On the bus ride to our hotel yesterday I got chatting with a Sudanese bishop, currently in exile from his warring homeland. Thankfully his family are currently safe elsewhere, and when asked how the churches under his oversight are doing he said “They are thriving because they proclaim Christ!” But he went on to explain that should Canterbury approve same-sex blessings, he would need to break communion with it. The financial cost of this move for his diocese will be enormous since the Church of England sends large amounts of funds to Sudan. And yet he sees his first priority must be to be faithful to the Lord...."

Andy Palmer, Christ Church Balham (AMiE)

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