Statement from Gafcon GB and Europe (GBE) on Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali

The Trustees of Gafcon GBE (formerly known as Gafcon UK) give thanks to Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali as he steps down from the role of President, which he has held since the formation of the regional Gafcon branch in 2016.

For decades, Bishop Michael has stood courageously to defend and promote Bible-based Christian orthodoxy in its Anglican expression. He has been an influential leader in the worldwide Global Anglican Future (Gafcon) movement, and was instrumental in initiating and advising the process leading to the formation under God’s hand of the Anglican Network in Europe (ANiE), a new Gafcon-authorised jurisdiction made up of two convocations, ACE and AMiE.

As a teacher and leader on global mission, the theology and history of the church, Bishop Michael has few peers in the English-speaking world. His OXTRAD work has facilitated this ministry as well as fostering an understanding of Islam and support for the persecuted church worldwide. He has also managed to offer consistent and careful critique of Western secularism from a conservative Christian perspective, especially the threats to the unborn, the elderly and to marriage and family, while at the same time gaining respect from many leaders in secular culture. We pray that these remarkable ministries will continue.

We, at Gafcon GBE, are privileged to have benefitted from his wisdom, and also his humour and deep concern for individuals. We wish him well and pray the Lord’s blessing on him in his future path.

We recognise that the pressures of secularism in the West are causing many faithful Christians to re-evaluate their relationship with historic denominations, and different decisions will be made about which spiritual home can offer safety and the best opportunities for witness. While respecting Bishop Michael’s decision to join the Roman Catholic church, we remain committed to the vision of a renewed, biblically orthodox, global Anglicanism here in Britain and Europe under the ANiE leadership of Bishop Andy Lines and those that we stand with under the Jerusalem Declaration.

In all things we put our absolute and complete trust in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, who is "the same yesterday and today and forever" (Heb. 13:8)

Gafcon GBE Trustees
October 2021