• Gafcon GBE: new website being developed
  • Gafcon GBE President Bishop Michael Nazir Ali: news about his ministry
  • Church planting initiatives must be based on faithfulness to Scripture
  • Anglican Network in Europe news
  • Methodist Church changes its understanding of marriage: useful resource available
  • Understanding false ideologies in our culture: review of Carl Trueman’s book
  • Is it possible for evangelicals to remain in a liberal denomination? Pastor’s Heart interview…


  • Gafcon Sunday was celebrated on 27 June
  • Rise of secularism coincides with growing intolerance of orthodox Christian views, especially on sexual ethics. A number of examples for information and prayer.
  • Church of England evangelicals: retired Bishop starts work as National Director of CEEC.
  • News from Anglican Network in Europe


  • New month, new name! Gafcon UK is now Gafcon Great Britain and Europe
  • Gafcon: mutual accountability. Disagreements between Gafcon regions over pastoral strategy to same sex attracted people while maintaining faithful biblical witness are being resolved.
  • Gafcon as a model for diversity and non-racism based on biblical principles: Bishop Michael Nazir Ali article
  • Anglican Network in Europe News
  • Europe - secular, but with pockets of faith? Article from Evangelical Focus
  • Church of England: Response to Living in Love and Faith by Martin Davie


A round up of the news from Gafcon UK.

News round up from January