General Statement from the Evangelical Fellowship in the Church in Wales in response to the decision of the Governing Body on the 6th September to accept liturgy for the blessing of same-sex civil marriages or civil partnerships.

The Evangelical Fellowship in the Church in Wales deeply regrets the recent decision of the Governing Body to authorise a liturgy to bless same-sex civil marriages and partnerships…

…First, by making this decision, the Church in Wales has departed from the apostolic faith as revealed in Scripture…

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Gafcon GBE commends theologian Martin Davie’s clear summary and critique of the Living in Love and Faith resources, currently being discussed in the Church of England.

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This week Gafcon IOW (Isle of Wight, UK) was launched. This is a local expression of a global movement, and the Steering Committee are thrilled to be under the umbrella of the largest Anglican movement in the world.

A round up of the news from Gafcon UK.

News round up from January

The Archbishop of York is the second most senior cleric in the Church of England and the appointment of Bishop Stephen Cottrell will clearly shape the future direction of the Church. It is therefore concerning to hear about the experience of some conservative clergy in his current diocese. At least four clergy have resigned their positions in recent months and others have spoken publicly of how they are used to being told they “don’t belong.”

In the light of recent reports in the media, Bishop Andy Lines, describes his own experience of spiritual manipulation.

St Silas Church in the West End of Glasgow has voted to discontinue its status as a licensed private chapel within the Scottish Episcopal Church. After a process of consultation and prayer, a members vote was held and an emphatic majority of 86% voted to leave.

Representatives of conservative evangelical clergy from the Diocese of Chelmsford met on Wednesday 12 June to discuss, among other matters, Bishop Stephen Cottrell’s letter to clergy of June 2019.

Just before Christmas, the House of Bishops published pastoral guidance which “welcomes and encourages the unconditional affirmation of trans people” - and encourages clergy to use existing liturgy (of Baptism, Confirmation or the Affirmation of Baptismal Faith) if a transgender adult wishes to reaffirm their Christian faith and mark their transition.

Gafcon UK notes the clarification from the Secretary of the Archbishops’ Council regarding the Guidance from the House of Bishops, on how the Affirmation of Baptismal Faith liturgy can be used for adults who identify as transgender.

Yesterday, I met with leaders of AMiE (Anglican Mission in England) and Gafcon UK to discuss plans for future growth and global partnership. We gave thanks to God for the joy that is found in the unchanging gospel of Jesus Christ in our unstable times.

Archbishop Foley Beach, Primate of the Anglican Church in North America and Chairman-designate of Gafcon, will be visiting mainland Britain in October.

Gafcon UK welcomes the recent statement by the Evangelical Fellowship of the Church in Wales, which gives a pastorally sensitive and doctrinally clear summary of the biblically orthodox position on the issue of same sex relationships.

Two meetings are being held in October to celebrate the vision and work of GAFCON. You’re invited to join in prayer, fellowship and inspiration. 

Hear how Gafcon is making a practical difference through the Anglican Church in North America, in Britain, Europe and across the world.

Be challenged and encouraged as we hear from God’s word on what it means to be a faithful Anglican today.


Archbishop Foley Beach, Primate of the Anglican Church in North America, and Chairman-Designate, Gafcon.

Bishop Andy Lines, speaking on behalf of Gafcon UK, said today:

We are not surprised, but nevertheless deeply saddened and concerned by the decision by the General Synod of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa to accept Motion 29 and so pave the way for the blessing of same sex relationships.